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We take this opportunity to thank God for His favor and grace that has been with us all through the year. One of our goals and prayer item when we were beginning the year was that we may experience spiritual and numerical growth and indeed by God’s grace we were able to achieve the goal and our prayer answered.

The year 2013 started on a high note with prayer and fasting sessions in the months of January after which we resumed our monthly meetings and visitations.

Within the year we were able as IWOFF-Kenya to transform various lives by the grace of God, we saw miraculous healing and blessings take place amongst our members in our meetings.


One of our committed partners and members in Kisumu who had experienced nine miscarriages and was almost giving up in getting a baby, through persistent prayers and continued support by the ministry was able to carry a pregnancy to full term and she delivered in the month of December. We give God all the glory.

One of the officials who had been single for many years, she even had a grandchild and had a great desire to get married regardless of the many challenges she was facing, the Lord came through for her and she got married on the 7th of December, we give God all the glory.

Two of our members who are single parents lost their jobs and did not have any way through which they could provide for their family needs, when we committed these prayer items to the Lord in prayer and fasting, He came through for them and they got employment within quite a short period of time.

As much as quite a number of our members are suffering from HIV/AIDS the Lord has kept them in good health and has continually faithfully provided for their needs.

We have seen numerical growth and general commitment to God’s work. We have a leadership team that is committed to prayers, growth and success of the ministry and we glorify God for all He has done to us.

Many people came to the Lord through the outreach meetings we had and are being nourished. We will appreciate if we can get tracks or even bibles to share with new believers.


We were able to stand with some orphans whose parents died of HIV/AIDS, though they are living with relatives, we chose to provide them with foodstuff, clothing and books as we are enabled by God. As you know with such endeavors when you start off many people commit to help but as the weight of the responsibility starts to weigh people down many people pool out and we do understand because of the poverty level most people don’t even get enough for their own consumption live alone helping so the heart is willing but ability is not there.

We also managed to visit orphanage homes and had great times with the children. We were able to support with foodstuff, books, medicine and they were blessed. The needs are many so we only meet according to our ability.
We also visited ladies in prisons we had testimonies of many giving their lives to God and we took to them sanitary towels, tissue papers, panties, body oil and milk for their children. These were great times for us full of emotional experience, may the Lord remember them and their children.

We managed to have various outreach meetings in various places within the country like in Mbita, Kendu bay, Migori, Njoro. Many lives were revived and restored to the kingdom. During one of the meetings in Kendu Bay, a lady diagnosed with cervical cancer approached us if we could help her get medical attention so we prayed with her and took a copy of her referral letter and we are just appealing to our members, friends and anyone willing to assist her get medical attention. The lady is worn out and the husband is paralyzed, quite a desperate condition but we live all to God.


We are trusting God in 2014 to have a place of our own even if it’s a building we can lease to be as our headquarter offices where we can have a small orphanage home cum school for the less privileged children, and hall for our meetings.
We have been hiring halls where we can do our meetings which have been very costly and also musical instruments. Our prayer is that this 2014 God may bless us with musical instruments and a place we can lease even for 5 years. Where we can be holding our annual conferences and anniversaries. Please pray with us.

We also desire to create an income generating source that can empower the widows and the HIV/AIDS victims who are our members at least to have a source of income where they can get something to subsidize on the little they have to reduce dependency on the ministry.

Pray for us for divine provision, the needs are many and our God knows our heart how we are willing to serve and the limitations we face due to financial challenges so just pray for us together with your team that Jehovah may come through for us these 2014.

The Lord bless and keep you together with our lovely sisters in the IWOFF family.

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