About the President

Edith Chima is the Founder of IWOFF. She is a dedicated Christian, hard working, very accommodating, cheerful, faithful & honest in her work with God. She is a journalist by profession, an ordained pastor and a teacher of the word.

She was brought up in a Christian family. At a very tender age, her life was greatly influenced and shaped by her grand-mother. Her grand-mother was a devoted and dedicated Christian. Who taught her how to pray, respect, obey and fear God. Through her grand-mother's guidance, she was not involved in most of the vices prevalent among her peers. Her grandmother taught her to live a christian life.

Edith gave her life to Christ in 1986. Since then God's love, grace and mercy has been upon her life. God has been so good and faithful to her  and her family. The Lord gave her a burden to serve the needy and helpless people in Benin Republic and outside Benin Rep. She battled with this vision since 1998 refusing to go into any ministry apart from her local church (The Redeemed Christian Church of God) where she worships. The burden to serve and to do the will of God took over her completely and she surrendered to the work of God. The Lord ministered to her that the mission should be on evangelism and welfare. That is taking the gospel of Christ to rural and urban areas and to see to the welfare of the needy, prison inmates, less privilege, orphans, sex workers etc.

When she looked at her calling physically, it seemed difficult a task to undertake. But God took absolute control and proved Himself God by providing the needed grace to do His work. She has been in ministry (as children and adult pastor) for over 20 years. She has volunteered with different ministries, churches and organizations in training kids and mentoring youths in Africa and USA. She continues to create awareness in many other countries that lack the knowledge of God. She has planted churches in Benin Republic West Africa.

She is truly a Godly woman, doing God's work. She is an ordained pastor from The Redeemed Christian Church of God Africa, and Victory New Testament Fellowship International USA. She is a teacher, preacher of the WORD and talented in story writing and drama. She is blessed with wonderful children.

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